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love_the_rhino's Journal

The Society for the Appreciation of Rhino Cultists
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This Community is full of spoilers, so read with discretion.

Mission Statement

This community is dedicated to the appreciation of Saiou Takuma/Sartorius and, to a lesser extent, the Society of Light, the main antagonists of GX's second year. We accept all positive debates, articles, fanfiction, fanart, and random crack. We're here to have fun.


1. You must have a basic idea of who Saiou, Takuma/Sartorius and the Society of Light are. It's just so everyone is on the same page.

2. Please put your posts behind LJ-cuts and mark them with Spoilers for the respective version of the series.

3. Please respect your fellow "Love The Rhino" members. Please don't stir up emo and e-drama. This doesn't mean you can't have nice, polite, civil heated debates.

4. Put fanfics and art behind LJ-cuts as well. Also mention what age group the story is targetted for (K+, PG, G, R, etc.). Put warnings if there's like Sexual Intercourse or Extreme Violence and Gore in the story. If your story is NC-17, it better be a good reason.

5. Staff will be decided by neo_arkadia and futureofsmiles as we see fit.