From the screencaps of 101, it looks like I may have to do a buttload of revisions to the fic I posted on here.

There was an additional scene or two I wanted to add, so maybe it'll be for the better.

And even if I don't have to revise...I'll either revise anyway or post the collection of "cut scenes" as a group of drabbles.
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Society of Light fics

I admittedly have no Saiou-centric stories, but I do have a quartet centered around drama during the whole light fiasco and after. And he is at the very least mentioned in all of these... and I suppose they can be taken to be in rough chronological order.

Black Sheep
G Drama / Humor [Fubuki-centric] When everything around you has gone white, it's easy to become a black sheep.

PG Romance / Drama / Horror [White Thunder x Asuka] [Religious tones] Asuka isn't sure about anything anymore, but Manjoume is. His newfound faith is inspiring, captivating, and absolutely terrifying.

Blood of Eden
R-ish Romance / Drama [White Thunder x Asuka, Manjoume x Asuka] [Uh... implications] In the aftermath of the Society of Light, Manjoume and Asuka recover a memory of paradise lost, and found.

Mysterious Ways
G Drama / Humor / Spiritual [Religious tones] [Set after all the Society of Light stuff, Manjoume-centric] Some people get a voice in a whirlwind. Some people get a wrestling angel. He got Fubuki.
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First Post, and it's a fanfic! SPOILERS!

The idea behind this fanfic may seem a bit weird, but I think it really does make sense.

Title: The Cursed Bonds

Rating: Sort of on the border between PG and PG-13, for one scene that sort of implies that dirty stuff is going on offstage.

Summary: GX and Pokemon crossover. A young woman is frightened for her cousins due to a premonition she had. After all, family is family, even if people in said family are planning to conquer the world. 2nd Season spoilers.

Warnings: Basic knowledge of the first season of Pokemon is needed.

Also...Spoilers, Implied Dirty Stuff, Spoilers, Mild Scary Moments, Backstory that may become AU by the end of the season, Spoilers, Crossover, another person's OC, AND DID I MENTION SPOILERS??

So...here it is!

And just to make sure:

*walks by with a big, blinking neon sign that says, "SPOILERS!!"*

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